Dreamland Beach is definitely not a beach to go for a swim! But it’s nice to sit there right in the sand, feel the salty air and watch those massive waves coming in. Stefan and me had so much fun “escaping” the waves – we really had to, otherwise we would have been flushed away! Those waves were so huge and strong. There were no possibilities to even stay in them. Continue reading



I love the beach. Me and my other half are trying to have at least one vacay right at the oceanside once a year. To get our dose of our vitamin sea. As we do not have any near beaches or oceans in the south of Germany, we do have to fly a bit to get to some salty air. So it’s kinda special for us coming to some sandy territories. We try to spend as much time as we can by the ocean during our trips. And so we shot this look in the morning heat of Bali. It’s been super super hot but I really wanted to have this Outfit shot at the beach. Right after we spent the whole day in a more comfy outfit of course – in our swimwear! Continue reading