Hooray spring has sprung here in Germany – well at least for about two weeks lately. Because it’s been snowing like crazy the last days here and we’re having end of April by the way.. Two more days until May and it’s not even close to warmer temperatures to come. Anyway, I don’t feel like wearing warmer coats or even my winter booties again – so here’s to one of my first relaxed spring look this year. Continue reading



I love to workout – it’s just one of the best feelings ever, when you’re done with working out. I kinda feel like a new born kid right after – it’s so refreshing. But for me it’s also very important to feel good during my workout. It’s not only about right exercises, it’s also about wearing the right clothes.  Continue reading



Okay guys – this will be probably my last post in a coat/layering look, cause I’m so sick of these coats, scarfs and sweaters! Aren’t you as well?! Really, I’m in desperate need of some Vitamin D, warmer weather and even more clear blue skies. It’s almost march and I can’t wait for spring and summer and every year when the warmer weather is about to come I’m only wishing that these vibes will last forever. Continue reading



A good pair of denim and a red lip is actually everything I need to feel “dressed up” and comfortable. Of course I love to combine other clothing pieces in all kinda ways also, but most of the time you’ll find me in my casual denims, a nice tee and some pop of red color on my lips.  Continue reading