Okay guys – this will be probably my last post in a coat/layering look, cause I’m so sick of these coats, scarfs and sweaters! Aren’t you as well?! Really, I’m in desperate need of some Vitamin D, warmer weather and even more clear blue skies. It’s almost march and I can’t wait for spring and summer and every year when the warmer weather is about to come I’m only wishing that these vibes will last forever. Continue reading


fullsizeoutput_5984Oh well London, I really fell in love with all your prettiness! That city really got my heart РI feel all these people out there which have actually decided to move to London. The architecture, the rush and these cute little caf̩s and pubs are just amazing. That city makes me wanna visit one more time and one more and one more. Continue reading



Brrrrr, it’s freezing out there. Really can’t believe I was hanging in a swimsuit just some weeks ago. Who else can’t get over these temperature changes as well? In summer we can’t think of wearing coats and winter boots and in winter we can’t even remember wearing some shorts and a shirt just some time ago. This is crazy, isn’t it. Anyway I’m living in a country where we do have seasons and I have to get along with it!  Continue reading