We all have that special relationship to our postman, am I right ladies?! Whenever he rings the bell, he always delivers something filled with happiness and prettiness. My postman knows me very well actually and he does not want to see my ID  if I’m meeting him in the patio with a package in his hands. Well should I be worried then, because I’m ordering way too many packages?! Guess not of course! Continue reading



Shine bright like a diamond, ladies – that’s my quote of the day! “We’re all pretty in every kinda way, because we’re women!” That’s what I have said in one of my last posts already – what can I say, it’s the truth. So let’s celebrate ourselves with some nice jewelry, a glass of yummy Rosé and some heeled booties. Continue reading



I love printed Shirts and Sweaters and I have found my favorite website to get them –  it’s Maybe you’ve seen some of my shirts on my Instagram. As much as I love to dress up and wear skirts and dresses and just being elegant, I like to wear some denim, shorts and a shirt with a pair of sneakers.  Continue reading



Happy Humpday Loves, well I’m kinda active here right now haha. It’s because I have a lot to share with you recently. Always want to keep you updated guys. So well, this post is called “Californian”, well I know I’m not Californian but I’d love to be… Continue reading