Happy Humpday Loves, well I’m kinda active here right now haha. It’s because I have a lot to share with you recently. Always want to keep you updated guys. So well, this post is called “Californian”, well I know I’m not Californian but I’d love to be…

I am american at heart, it all started back in 2008 when I’ve done an internship as a volunteer for Barack Obama. I lived and worked for 3 months in the United States, okay it’s just been three months but those 3 months were a beginning of a big love story! Since then poor Stefan has to hop on a plane to the States at least every two years. We’ve been traveling within the United States a lot, also visiting my host-family and friends in Chicago and Milwaukee, many domestic flights and long road trips included. But it’s always been fun.

So Stefan and me have been to California twice so far. Of course we’ve done that famous road trip along the PCH (pacific coast highway), visited many National Parks and went to VEGAS! Most fun city ever, if I’d be living in LA, you’d probably find me in Vegas every second weekend, haha!

Second time we’ve arrived in Cali, it already felt like home. We’ve known the ways, remembered so many street names and buildings which are not even famous at all. So yeah well, we really feel like being at home when in Cali. Stefan loves to go surfing and for me, well I love to hang out in the sun at the beach and watching all the waves coming in while Stefan has a lot of fun riding these waves. Gosh, really need to book a ticket soon to get back to Cali next year. We’ll see, normally we have to go, because it’s been two years since our last visit then. And you all know what I’ve said before. 😉

Have a lovely day Peeps and see you on Instagram. xo, Paula.



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*this post includes sponsored products by Nicole Vienna.

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