Today has been a perfect Sunday. Stefan and me enjoyed a fantastic brunch with friends today at Art’s and Boards! This place is perfect for all who love to stay in bed a little longer than usual, because you can get breakfast until 4pm over there. It has a buffet and they have delicious food to offer. All kind of yummy food you can imagine such as fruits, pancakes, pretzels, yoghurt, eggs, potatoes and much more. You can also enjoy some traditional bavarian white sausages! 😉 Continue reading


img_1758This fall animal printed clothing pieces are celebrating their comeback. Well I usually do not follow every trend but if I’m totally into something I do wear trends every now and then. To sum it up, I love love love this newest “Animal Print Trend” – if it’s a shirt, if it are some shoes or just a belt or any other easy accessory. You can find it a lot in magazines and even on the streets of Munich. Continue reading