Today has been a perfect Sunday. Stefan and me enjoyed a fantastic brunch with friends today at Art’s and Boards! This place is perfect for all who love to stay in bed a little longer than usual, because you can get breakfast until 4pm over there. It has a buffet and they have delicious food to offer. All kind of yummy food you can imagine such as fruits, pancakes, pretzels, yoghurt, eggs, potatoes and much more. You can also enjoy some traditional bavarian white sausages! 😉

As it has been super hot today we went for a little walk right after having a little food baby by eating way too much! Well I am wearing a dress and boots and a coat, you might think it must have been super cold instead of warm.. Well yeah, I have just put on warmer clothes – I didn’t expect it that warm I must say.

I have goaled this dress at Edited, one of my fav shops, and it’s just perfect for Fall/Winter Season. I have worn it without any tights today, just with some boots, but you can easily go with some black tights and black boots as well. Definitely will wear that combo when it’s about to get freezing outside. I took an easy black coat with me – just in case but I would have not needed it today in any kinda way.

Alright Babes and Lovers, I hope you have had an awesome Sunday as well, or still having it. 😉 Enjoy and talk to you soon! Xo, Paula




Dress by Edited – Boots similar here and here – Sunnies by Céline – Bucket Bag similar here –  Coat similar here and here




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