You all know, Stefan and mine third california trip is sooner than never and the last weeks been full of planning, work and getting beach ready for our longest holiday trip this year. So there was no better place to escape all that bustle and hustle and relax a bit – far away from the big city life at the Hotel Bachmair Weissach at Lake Tegernsee – an one hour drive from Munich. 

The Mizu Onsen spa has been refurbished about half a year ago and I would say they’ve made a pretty good job though. 😉 The spa is styled with warm colors and it has never been too crowded not to relax. We had an amazing weather also that weekend so Stefan and me were hanging out at the pool to enjoy the sun and went to the spa in the late afternoon. The hotel even offers a cute little sauna right next to their small river “Weissach”. It’s a 60 degrees celsius sauna and you can jump into the ice cold water after sweating all toxic outta you. Well, I did not of course, but brave Stefan jumped or should I say slowly went into the cold water – brrrr.  The Mizu Onsen spa is endued with a 90 degrees celcius, a 60 degrees celsius sauna and a steam bath as well as many pools and a 42 degrees celsius hot tub. Everything is also located pretty close so you do not have a long walking distance. Even the spa bar is built into the whole spa area to have some snacks and drinks when pausing the sauna procedure.

The food’s always one of my highlights when eating in a hotel or at even not eating at home so I do not have to be the chef for some days. 😉 We were lucky to eat at the Mizu Sushi restaurant the first evening on friday. Really, what not to love about sushi?! The restaurant offers meat dishes also but we were more into sushi that evening and it definitely has been the right choice. I took the veggie version with cucumber, avocado, asparagus and mayo. Their mayo is also homemade and out of this space I tell ya. Stefan had the fish version with crab and salmon. Okay, we are sushi fans but even if you’re not you’ll find something delicious on their menu and it really does pay off eating dinner at the Mizu restaurant.

On saturday evening’s agenda has been an octopus salad, soup with duck breast, calf meat and an excellent amaretto mousse for desert. The staff also offers a vegetarian menu in the beginning as well as the main course is to choose out of three different courses.

Stefan and me loved to have a drink in the Mizu Bar after dinner. Their drink selection is amazing. You really have to try Duke’ Passion with gin. A real refreshing cocktail. The Mizu Bar also has theme nights and we were listening to some jazzy music on saturday which was actually played live. It’s been such a good atmosphere at the bar.

Arriving in our junior suite on friday it reminded me of a bavarian chic and retro styled interior which has been combined on point. The bathroom is super modern and stylish and the bed is super super comfy. The Bachmair Weissach also offers to choose your own style of pillow if the amount of pillows at your room are not enough or the selection is too hard or too soft. For us it was perfect and we woke up well rested.

After having a yummy breakfast at the “Pavillon” which is one of the nicest spots in the hotel as it’s so well-lit and the room is nice arranged it’s been wonderful to get ready for the day with some sunny side ups a smoothie, some coffee and yoghurt with fruits and many more breakie combinations.

Thank you Bachmair Weissach for having us and for the amazing stay we had at your place.


*in lovely collaboration with Hotel Bachmair Weissach





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