I love printed Shirts and Sweaters and I have found my favorite website to get them –  it’s Maybe you’ve seen some of my shirts on my Instagram. As much as I love to dress up and wear skirts and dresses and just being elegant, I like to wear some denim, shorts and a shirt with a pair of sneakers. 

This cute sweater has been sold out for such a long time, I was checking their website every now and then and Rad finally restocked their Peanut Butter. 😉 I love Peanut Butter as much as I love Nutella, you should try it mixed on a toast – yummm!! Anyway this sweater had to be a part of my closet. Check out their website if you want to get some cute printed shirts or sweaters or even dresses.

Have a great day my beloved readers, Xoxo, Paula





Sweater by Rad – Watch by Kapten & Son – Jeans Shorts similar here and here – Shoes by Nike




*this post includes sponsored products by Kapten & Son

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