Shine bright like a diamond, ladies – that’s my quote of the day! “We’re all pretty in every kinda way, because we’re women!” That’s what I have said in one of my last posts already – what can I say, it’s the truth. So let’s celebrate ourselves with some nice jewelry, a glass of yummy Rosé and some heeled booties.

I have bought these beautiful pants some weeks ago and I can finally share these shots with you. Metallic colors are in trend this fall and you can see metallic details everywhere you go. So I picked these pretty shiny pants as my “metallic item” for this season. They’re really easy to combine, either with some lighter colors or some darker colors. These cute metallic pants go very well with just everything. And they also have that “wow” moment, because you’re wearing more than just some normal denim. Wait, which can be fashionable as well of course – you know me, but sometimes I have to get out of my pair of denim jeans and dress up. 😉

Oh and I have to link you my newest lipstick as well, this one is just PERFECT for Fall/Winter time. It’s a limited edition unfortunately, so you better get your hands on that one here real quick before it will be sold out again. The name of this pretty baby is “So good for you” – you know you have to have it. 😉

Xo, Paula




Sweater similar here and here – Pants by Zara – Shoes by Buffalo – Bag by Quantum Courage (sold out) similar one here – Watch by Kapten&Son





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