The Oktoberfest is still going on and I actually can’t believe that it’s almost over and there are only 3 more days to go…

And as many Wiesn days have passed by and of course I have worn all my dirndl already and I do not have any dirndl which I haven’t worn so far at the Oktoberfest I decided to get another fresh and new one just right when the Wiesn is already taking place here in Munich. No of course not just because of that but at least I fell in love with that pink and bloomy dirndl dream. I’ve worn it at the shop and it’s been calling my name actually, pretty sure I heard it saying “Paula, come on, buy me, I’ll have to be yours!”.  😉 So yes, that’s the story and this dress is my new favorite dirndl and I can’t wait to wear it the other day at the Wiesn.


Dirndl by cocovero.

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