Oh wow, the Wiesn madness is almost over and some you might need some time to recover, I’m pretty sure. So I’ve spent a wonderful and fun girls weekend at the wonderful and cute spa hotel called Romantikhotel Gmachl near Salzburg, Austria some weeks ago. This place is truly amazing and I’d like to tell you some more details about that amazing spa hotel and why it’s the perfect getaway for a fun girl’s trip. 

Okay, really, where can you find a spot in a spa just for ladies? Almost nowhere, so it’s been even more cool to have a private ladies sauna and steam bath. Me and my girls also enjoyed that amazing infinity indoor pool, the view’s just too good. The Gmachl also offers different massage appointments, also has a great indoor fitness area and many relaxation areas. So even when we were feeling like going for a swim, we’d be doing it, when we were feeling after some hot sauna, we’d also be going for that. So working out a little bit and heading into the pool and after that right into the sauna is the perfect relaxation for me. And everything’s reachable in only 2 minutes makes it even easier and more attractive.

We’ve been sharing a junior suite as a party of three, so the room’s size was perfect for us girls. As you can imagine the floor was full of clothes and shoes just minutes after we’ve arrived and it was still enough space for us to walk around, so that’s a good thing, though. 😉 The bed was a real dream, never have slept that good and deep and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the good rosé wine which let me sleep that good, it’s been their fabulous mattress.

I loved all the pretty detail inspired interior here. Everywhere we’d be going there were put some roses and pretty decoration. The breakfast room or should I say breakfast hall is too pretty. Everything is styled with pink and rose colored details and me and my girls were already dreaming of the perfect wedding celebration in here. The breakfast is just too good as well. The Gmachl offered really everything, even the yummiest pancakes ever. And here’s to a big thank you to their trainee Dominik who really fulfilled us girls every wish. He was a real life saver for our breakfast as he was  organizing pancakes for us just moments before the breakfast was about to end. 😉 Breakfast is served until 11am and of course that’s a good time to end but we’ve could not decide what to eat actually, so yeah, we were down for breakfast quite a long time. 😉 Also the “Bircher Müsli” is so yummy, combined with fresh fruits – so good!

We were having dinner in the hotel on saturday, as we were out in Salzburg on friday night. So what can I say about the dinner?! Just WOW! We were ordering the three course menu with fish for the main dish and with some rosé wine. Even though they didn’t offer the famous austrian “Kaspressknödelsuppe”, they served it as we were asking about it. YUM YUM YUM! Really, you have to try this soup when you’re there, never had a soup which was that good. It’s like a dumpling with cheese in a hot chicken soup. Really, still dreaming of that taste. 😉

So I’m looking back on a perfect weekend with lots of fun, great service, delicious food and good memories. Thanks so much for having us and we’ll definitely be coming back soon.


**in collaboration with Romantikhotel Gmachl in Elixhausen, Austria


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