Really trying to manage how to get through that cold season right now. So I’m right in between the coldest or at least nearly cold days and my candles burning at home are the only sunshine thing I can rely on at the moment. 😉 So why not escaping the usual days and heading right into something like an oasis in the mountains. 

Stefan and me went to the Achensee one weekend and we stayed in such a perfect spa hotel called the Posthotel Achenkirch. When we’re arriving and nearly coming closer to the huge area I could not believe myself and I was like “gosh we need to stay a week to explore everything” – and the nice receptionist proofed me very soon. As he was checking us in and explaining the hotel and it’s totally different areas as of tow spa areas, many pools and whirlpools, a golf course, a riding stable, it’s own beauty salon and spa where we could go for some hamam, massages and many many beauty treatments. And of course many saunas all around the spa areas as well.

The first day we spent here was actually sunny and warm so we did not feel like hiding in a sauna and not soaking in all the vitamin D for this year. So we’ve stayed outside at the nice pool area, did some sunbathing (you know it’s my hobby ;-)) and enjoyed some capuccini in the sun. Perfect spent saturday I’d say. As the sun was going down sooner that in summer we went to a finish sauna in the late afternoon right before dinner time.

Talking about dinner my stomach says YES! The food was so damn good at the Posthotel. Also the staff was super friendly and always helpful. On friday they didn’t offer a “Kaspressknödelsuppe” (a famous austrian boullion topped with cheese dumplings) so I was asking for it anyway. But as they do cook regional and only offer regional products such as meat from their own farm, as well as fruits and vegetables, they couldn’t make the kaspressknödel in time that evening. So they prepared it for me the next day and I was such a happy kid getting the yummy soup as a starter and so much more as they had made so many dumplings of course. Really – that’s what I call a good service. We we’re feeling like king and queen –  no just kidding but here’s a shoutout to the perfect staff at the Achenkirch! 🙂

Oh well and the room – should I say more?! Just check these pictures – it’s like a girl’s dream and that bathroom! AMAZING! Also we had two sinks and much space for everyone’s stuff. The bed was a dream, too as you could set the mattress to soft or hard or just in-between.Sooooo comfy.

I was also getting to know Doris from the Achenkirch, she’s responsible for the marketing and collaborations here. She welcomed Stefan and me on friday when we were arriving and has told me so many facts about the hotel, one stayed in my mind ever since: the hotel is about to turn 100 years next year and you don’t even recognize it. It’s still so pretty and in good shape in every corner and there’s so much love in details. And there was that amazing smell all the time. I was able to check the candle one day and it was a yankee candle called “vanilla cupcake”. The Achenkirch also has a little shopping area where the owner’s wife Mrs. Reiter sells amazing interior and decor – so they also offered yankee candle of course – but didn’t have the vanilla cupcake anymore. So I ordered it right away online because I had to have that “Achenkirch smell” (that’s how Stefan and me say when the candle is burning in our home) at home. 🙂

All in all I can say that Stefan and me spent a perfect weekend at the Achenkirch, it’s also so close to the Achensee, only 5 minutes away by car you can watch the sun going down right behind the mountains. Only an hour away from Munich it’s not too long to drive to and staying there is like being far far away from home. Really, if you’re having that November blues right now and need to escape to a happier place, I can highly recommend the Achenkirch. Going for a walk, riding a horse, playing some golf, relaxing in the huge spa, enjoying good and regional food or just enjoying a nice cup of coffee in the hotel lobby are just a few things to do at the Posthotel Achenkirch.


**in lovely collaboration with the Posthotel Achenkirch

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