Alright you guys, my life’s been so busy atm, actually I’ve been at work 5 days a week, hitting the gym 6 times a week, cooking and blending in the kitchen every day and tried to have just a little of sleep on repeat the last weeks. And also really working out hard for my california beach body haha. So I needed a little blog/media break, unless I could not have done all the work and stuff I’ve been dealing with so far. Anyway I have not been doing nothing for my blog the last weeks… I have decided to update a new section  on my page as so many of you were stalking my Instagram for my latest recipes. (What I really love!) I’ve been cooking healthy food ever since I started working out more some years ago, but just the time after christmas it turned out to be a big deal for me – healthy food plus working out and finding a good balance in between.  And healthy nutrition is a thing on Instragam, too lately. I have to admit that I do not follow many food blogs out there but my Instagram is packed with a lot of food & drink stories and recipes anyway. So we’re all in this together, dreaming of an healthy lifestyle, people.

To start my new recipe series right, I want to show you how simple yesterday’s smoothie is going to be made. (for those who’ve been craving it on my IG stories yesterday evening) here’s what you Need:

Ingredients ( for 2 glasses à 250ml)

  • 1/2 mango
  • 1 kiwi
  • Hand full of spinach
  • 150g yoghurt

All set, these are the ingredients you need for the green smoothie, just put them altogether in a mixer, blender or food processor and mix it well until it becomes a smooth mixture. Fill the mixture in a glass or a bottle and let it stay for some minutes. Now rinse the blender/mixer under water. And here we go for the pinky, red mixture:

  • 150g raspberries or 4-5 medium strawberries (I used strawberries this time)
  • 1 banana
  • 2 tsp light sesame
  • 2 tsp honey
  • 100g yoghurt

And again, mix all ingredients together well until it turns into a smooth mixture and fill it onto the green mixture very carefully. I just poured it slowly into my bottle. But you can also try to layer the red mixture onto the green one with a spoon.

That’s it. I let mine cool in the fridge overnight and it really stayed layered until I mixed it in the morning to actually enjoy it. Not only taking pictures, of course. 😉

Yummm, I’ll be posting a new healthy recipe every sunday from now on. Hope you’re all as excited as me about my new section.

Stay tuned, xoxo, Paula


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