Kite Beach - Jumeirah
Kite Beach – Jumeirah

My Dubai – this year in February I’ve done a short trip to Dubai and it’s been pretty amazing. For then it was my first trip to the United Arab Emirates and I was totally impressed of all the huge buildings , the beach, which is artificial by the way and of course all the crazy shops and shopping malls. Women’s dreams.

As me and my boyfriend got a new camera for christmas we could not resist taking great shots all on the beach, at the pool or even in Dubai’s desert.  We spent our fist day in Dubai at the beach and strolling around Dubai Mall in the evening. So here’s to some beauty pictures and a little summer for all you guys.

Palm Tree Love at Kite Beach
Dubai Desert
Dubai Desert
Dubai Desert
Dubai Desert

Dubai Desert at sunset was definitely a right pick. The colors where just so beautiful when the sun was going down. Those untouched sand dunes were just breathtaking. Make sure to book a tour at sunset, you won’t regret ever.

Barasti Beach in Dubai Marina

When in Dubai you guys should head to Barasti Beach in Dubai Marina, the older part of Dubai. This beach club ist just amazing, you’re right next to the skyline. Lying at the beach and seeing the skyline on one side and the sea on the other side is kind of a thing.

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