IMG_5877Oh my God – where should I begin. As a real sun chaser it’s hard to find the right words. Okay I’m kinda drama right now, so well..  It’s actually summer time in Germany and the weather is so freaking crazy at the moment. You really can’t just go out without being prepared for all possible weather conditions. Really, it’s so depressing. Normally summer here in southern Bavaria is hot and dry. Well not at this time. You gotta be prepared for rain at any time because you can’t even trust the blue sky out there which is actually clear at the moment. It’ll change within minutes to a stormy sky with thunderstorms and rain instead. We’ve all been through this for weeks now. So poor me, I can’t go out for a swim, I’ll be floating away in the rain of Munich, I tell ya! Sorry for the harsh words but maybe the weather god is reading that and we all gonna have endless summer days ahead us. So here’s one of my version for a “be well prepared” Outfit for Rain and for Sun.

Alright, here you can see one of my favorite shoes for summer. The typical german shoe: it’s the “Adilette”. The “Adilette” for us germans is like a pair of sneakers and white socks for americans. 😉 Just kidding. But really, it is so german. And every german takes the “Adilette” wherever they travel with them. I even took mine to southern California and to Bali. They’re meant to see the world, haha.

I have customized ones mixed with pink, red and white. The usual pair is blue and white colored, but on www.adidas.com you can go for many other. designs and customize your own personal Adilette. It’s not that cheap, round about 40-50€ but it’s fun and you have your own self designed ones. So here you can check that out.

Wish you all a happy humpday and some sun peeps! Xo, Paula

PS: those photos where actually taken in the sun and it was super hot, right after that it started raining again ;-P





Shorts by American Eagle (similar) – Bag by Zara – Coat by Zara – Shoes by Adidas– Sunnies by RayBan – Shirt by American Vintage (similar color)





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