Venice is even more romantic and beautiful when the sun is setting. All those warm colors which appear during the day when the sun is shining are turning into cool and light colors. When you see the lights illuminating over the Canale Grande or even at San Marco – it’s just so beautiful. Venice in the evening hours is definitely my favorite time. Really fell in love with that time of the day in this amazing italian city.

Having a gelato and walking over the cute little bridges, through those little alleys and along the Canale Grande with my other half has been just perfect. And of course stopping by at a bar and getting a delicious Bellini. Gosh I love that stuff, it’s kind of a peach juice with some bubbly. So so yummy! Just a perfect girly drink.











Dress by Edited – Bag by South Beach



2 Replies to “VENICE BY NIGHT”

    1. Oh nice, I’m jelly! Well at least, avoid eating in touristic Areas, like the San Marco Square or nearby at the Canale Grande. I can recommend you two nice Restaurants, which were not too expensive. One is called “Osteria Ae Botti” and is located in Guidecca right at the canal. It’s close to the Hilton Hotel with a rooftopbBar and an awesome view all over Venice. (It has access to everyone)

      Another great Osteria, a small one, kinda hidden but delicious food is located in Venice, near the Rialto Bridge “Osteria Ai do Archi”. The seafood pasta is so yummy! And the pizza as well of course. 😉

      Enjoy Venice and have a great time. Oh and “La Vela Merde” is the best gelateria I’ve tried! Yummy yummy ice cream and nearby San Marco Square. If you need more tips or have any questions, you can email me anytime.

      Xo, Paula


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