Hello my Loves. While I’m actually working on a fresh new bikini post for you, I wanted to show you my latest “Glamour Shopping Week Goals” first. This Shopping Week Madness in all parts of Germany is still going on and don’t miss those good deals – shop until you drop until 8th of October 2016! YAAAY – this is music to every woman’s ear haha!

So I went downtown this weekend and went into Hollister, yes sometimes I give this store with a permanent power blackout (it’s always so dark in there, I swear I always pick the wrong color.. no not blue, I wanted black.. or so – guess everybody knows what I’m talking about. 😉 just joking a little today) a visit and yes sometimes I do find cute pieces. So I goaled this Flared Jeans and got 20% off the ticketed price with my Glamour Shopping Card. For those of you who do not have a Hollister store in their cities I have linked some other Flared Jeans very similar further down as well.

Second pretty thing I’ve bought are those gorgeous boots! They’re from Buffalo and I had to check in two stores for my size actually until I was able to call them mine! I got them at “Görtz” (online discount code: glam16) but I also noticed they have those pair of shoes online at Buffalo as well (discount code here: GSW20).

And as those two clothing pieces go together very well Stefan and me decided to shoot an easy  all day Look for you. This happened totally spontaneous after our little Shooting at the “Cortiina Hotel” in Munich this Sunday. Some of you who follow me on my Instagram might have seen some “snaps” on Insta Stories. So stay tuned for more. I’ll be uploading this post also very soon! Gosh, a lot of work to do at the moment! But it’s so much fun and I love it!

Wish you all a fabulous day! XO, Paula




Flared Jeans by Hollister (similar here and here) – Heeled Ankle Boots by Buffalo – Coat similar here and here – Sweater by Ralph Lauren – Bag by MCM




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