Long, voluminous and natural lashes – guess that’s what every woman wants to have. So I teamed up with Best Lash recently and I have tried their famous two mascaras, the normal black one and the fiber one. Both have to be used to get that “Wow” effect. 😉

I use the black mascara first, for volumized lashes, I put it on like I do with every other mascara, so there’s no magical trick. After that I use the golden one, the one that has tiny little fibers, it gives the lashes more thickness and even more length. Last but not least I use the black one again and put it on the very end of my lashes.

As I do not use much makeup like fluid makeup or even any make up powder – just some bronzing powder and some blush, I use eyeshadow and Mascara a lot to bring out the color of my eyes even more. So it’s really important for me to have good looking lashes which are voluminous and long. It’s the cherry on top if you want to have a perfect eye makeup.

You can check their website and mascara once again here and if you’re also into creating amazing eye makeups with naturally looking lashes you definitely should try these mascaras one day.

Xo, Paula




*in friendly collaboration with Best Lash

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