Us women do care about good hair. And we do hate bad hair days, right?! So lucky us, I’ve got a miracle for our hair called “Iles Formular”. Maybe some of you know Wendy Iles, she’s an australian Hair Stylist and well known in Hollywood. She’s taking care of Heidi Klum’s or Kate Hudson’s beautiful hair for example. And as she is doing a lot hair styles, she also knows how to care it before and after. And that’s what I’d like to to talk about today, the Hair Series made by Wendy Iles.

This 3-Stage-System is a real genius! The Shampoo, Conditioner and the Finishing Serum are free of Silicons and Sulfates. And these bad ingredients are the reason why our hair gets frizzy and greasy real fast. So the Iles Formular is a real spa experience for our hair. You only have to use a tiny little bit and massage it into your wet hair. It does not foam that much – if you want more foam, just add a little more water to it. Using the conditioner right after is also important for us: curling, styling, drying.. Our hair needs a lot of care and using a conditioner is a must! So you should use the comb which comes with the Iles Formula Package and comb it into your hair. I also love the smell of the whole series – it’s like you’ve been to the hairdresser. Guess everybody knows that yummy smell right after a visit. 😉 And now you can have it at home. YAY!

The finishing serum is the third step you can use but it’s not a must. I often use it when I think my hair needs to be moisturized a little more or if I’m about to style my hair with a straightener. You can apply this serum into dry or wet hair.

Well and the best thing about that series from Wendy Iles is that you can purchase it in germany now as well and that it really works with every hair type. Thin or thick, curly or straight hair, it just works. Of course it might be not the cheapest one but as you just need a tiny little bit (size of a bean) it will last a long time and gives you healthy hair and you can feel it and see it.

You can get your Discovery Pack or even the whole package if you are already addicted like me here: Badezimmer Potsdam .

So let’s say goodbye to bad hair days Ladies and have a fab Sunday! Xo, Paula





*pictures shot at Cortiina Hotel, in collaboration with Badezimmer Potsdam

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