Hello my fellow bikini babes. Today I wanted to give you a little guideline for shopping bikinis online. I did not shop that much bikinis earlier before until I used some guidelines to get the right size.

First step: measure your body. Most important are the volumes of your hips, bust and waist. Most bikini shopping sites do have a size converter or a size chart to help you out with finding the right size.

Second step: If you have a larger breast as I have, you usually get at a point where you can’t get the right top, because many offer only sets to shop, which means, bottoms and tops in the same size. This is not helpful in any kinda way for me, cause I can’t wear a top in size XS same as I’m wearing a XS for my bottom. So I highly recommend to shop bikinis at online shops which offer something like “mix and match”.

Some shops I love are linked here: water cult , triangl , monday swimwear (get 15% off today with code “MONDAYCYBERMONDAY” ) , L Space Swim ,   Melissa Odabash 

Third Step: Shop the right color. I have many girlfriends who love white swimmies, but even if you have the hottest body on earth, if you do not have a little tan yet.. just don’t! Don’t get me wrong but I would wear white or a brighter neon color if I’m having a tan, because it looks even more nice when you have some “color”. So if you’re shopping for your upcoming trip, also shop colors like black, blue, or even dark red tones like merlot or bordeaux. They go perfectly with pale skin tones and if you’re getting used to the sun they look even more gorgeous on you!

Fourth step: Some bikini gurus say you have to wear bikinis suiting your body type. So if you have a round beach bum, you can go for some brazilian style bottoms. Or if you have a larger bust, you shouldn’t wear tops without straps. Well I don’t place value on these statements, because if you feel sexy and confident in the swimmie you have bought you’re doing it right. If you have found your perfect sizing – that is what’s important and matters.

Alright, I hope these tips will help you with your next bikini shopping. And Ladies, don’t forget: we’re women and we’re beautiful in every kinda way! Xo, Paula



  1. Richtig guter Beitrag! 🙂 Ich finde es auch immer schwer passende Bikinis zu finden, auch wenn ich das “Problem” mit den großen Brüsten leider nicht kenne 😀 Deine Tipps werde ich auf jeden Fall beim nächsten Bikinikauf beachten ♥


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