Oh well, where should I start?! Stefan and me enjoyed a relaxing weekend at the Naturhotel Forsthof. This Spa hotel is truly amazing and the perfect getaway for taking some time off. We were arriving on a friday and enjoyed a warm welcome including some bubbly. 😉

The hotel lobby is as nice and stylish as the whole hotel and spa area. The architecture is really amazing and we enjoyed relaxing and hanging around in every kinda area of this hotel. Totally impressed of that nice hotel lobby and entrance area, we could not wait until we got to see our rooms and the rest of the hotel.

Arriving in our cozy double room, we were about to change our jeans and shirt into a robe – #robelife all weekend guys! This was definitely my highlight, haha! No but seriously, these rooms have such amazing interior and I totally enjoyed sleeping and waking up in their comfy bed. There’s also an option to choose different pillows out of a menu – yes they do have a pillow menu and it’s pretty awesome to choose one for people who are more likely to sleep on their bellies or more like being in a “L-Pose”. They even offer pillows for allergy sufferer. Just some examples of course.

As we got changed into our weekend uniform -the robe, we were exploring the spa area that afternoon already. And what can I say: just WOW! That spa is one of the prettiest and real most comfortable ones I have seen so far. I totally loved the relaxation rooms where you have an incredible view over the mountains. Stefan and me where really lucky that weekend – it’s been so warm and sunny outside during the day so we could enjoy the warmth out on the sun deck and we were able to take an afternoon dip in the pool. Right after that we went into the hot tub, the sauna and started all over again until dinner. 😉

Alright, let’s talk about the food. Oh yum! Of course we were doing some sports these days as well. The hotel has a great gym with the newest techno gym technology. So we really had fun at working out. And after that you always have to go for some yummy treats. I loved loved loved the breakfast, their offer was just insane! From eggs, to yoghurt, to pancakes, to cereals, they really offered EVERYTHING. You would have had to take 5 to 6 dishes to try out all kind of breakfast styles. Yum! I have to admit I love to have a long breakfast, especially on weekends.

Dinner was served on both evenings and you could choose out of 2 or 3 courses each dish. They also had a vegetarian one as well and that was a good thing of course. So as you might guess, us both were not starving at any time. But by now I’m starving for that yummy breakfast again. Sunny side up with some bacon, please! 😉

To sum it up, we had an incredible weekend in an amazing spa hotel. Stefan and me were just so relaxed like we’ve been never before. We really hope to get back one day and we definitely enjoyed our stay!

Thanks again for having us and we’ll hope to see you soon!

Xo, Paula




**in lovely collaboration with Naturhotel Forsthofgut

12 Replies to “WEEKEND GETAWAY”

  1. Oh wow das hört sich so toll an liebes! Habe direkt Lust bekommen den nächsten Urlaub endlich mal zu planen!:D Das Interior sieht so gemütlich und perfekt aus, genau nach meinem Geschmack! Und Pancakes zum Frühstück sind ja wohl ein echtes Träumchen:)

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