Super brave me climbed up that high bridge to get some nice shots taken by Stefan. Coming down again I had to jump into Stefan’s arms while he was catching me. So totally adventurous guys! And I’ve thought of posting another 10 Facts about me this time. I have done that some months ago already – you can find the post here. Alright, so here we go, another 10 randomly taken facts about me.

  1. My iPhone is set in english ever since I’ve got one.I do not even know how it’s like to have it set in german. Even temperature and clock is set in “american”.
  2. I’m still in touch with my friends in the US when I have first visited for volunteering in 2008. So Dedra if you’re reading this, that’s a shoutout to you!! :-*
  3. BTW I’ve done a traineeship as a election campaign trainee for Barack Obama in 2008. Hooray, yes we can and thank you for 8 years, Mr. President!!!
  4. I’m very afraid of height, so do you even believe me that bridge here was that high enough call myself “brave”?! I can assure you it was, haha!
  5. I love love love denim, I own about 35 pair of denim and I DO all wear them of course 😉 …
  6. …But in summer time I’m likely to wear more dresses and skirts – it’s more comfy when it’s hot.
  7. I have turned 25 years old this year in February.
  8. Stefan and me moved to Munich into our first apartment 5 years ago.
  9. I hate reading books, I guess I have never finished any book, it just bores me. Ugh!
  10. I hit the gym 5 times a week – boom that’s what ya’ll wanted to know right. 😉

Hope you enjoyed peeps! Let me know some fun fact of you, too! I’d love to read some. Happy Sunday, xoxo, Paula.

Kicks by Puma – High waisted shorts similar here and here – Striped Shirt similar here or here – Sunnies by Rayban


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