Okay, I guess it is no surprise that white sneakers are my passion. 😉 These white babies here are my favorite and comfiest ones – the Nike Flyknit Racers in all white.

They’re so light and pretty I just can’t get over it. These are my first “racers” by the way. Stefan got me hooked on these Nike styles, because – for real – but it’s actually him who has a little Nike racer and sneaker collection. And of course it’s not me! No woman ever said that she has too many shoes.. 😉  I think I might get them in multicolored as well or so..  Okay but once these cuties were on sale I took my chance and ordered them, so finally they’re mine! And as these kicks are not the only white ones in my closet I wanted to link you some of my favorites within this post. So go check them out further down as well as all shopping links to my outfit.

blouse by H&M – Denim shorts similar here – Nike Flyknit here – Sunnies here (on sale!)



  1. I love white sneakers! They literally go with everything. And I’ll agree that Nike’s is the bees knees when it comes to sneakers – they’re always so well-made and comfortable. Love your casual fit with these sneaks!


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