Isn’t that spot a real california dreaming’!? Oh well, Stefan and me are in Laguna Beach, my all time favorite beach city in California. After 3,5 weeks of traveling around and having action/experience all the time we are really enjoying the peace and calm here in Laguna. We have experienced so much together and I’d say that this trip has really become my favorite one by looking back on the last 10 years of traveling with him. Not only because Stefan proposed to me about two weeks ago here in california, (yes IT really happened!!!! :)) it’s just the vibe and things we do and places we explore. We’ve done so many things, went to Coachella Festival, which was INSANE! Headed to Vegas for Stefan’s birthday, been to Death Valley, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, have travelled to Los Angeles again, been driving down the PCH all the way from Monterey to Santa Barbara, Malibu and L.A.

It’s been the PERFECT trip with so much joy, love and adventures I never want to miss. Thank you california, for fulfilling my dreams once again and we’ll be back soon – for sure!

Also that cute look I’m wearing is from a stylish shop at Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, so if you’re ever in LA and want to shop some great deals and cute tops/dresses or even some panties like I have, checkout the “theshopmelrose”. Stefan and me shopped some cool Levi’s vintage Jean Jackets at Melrose Ave as well. So I can highly recommend going for some shopping experience at Melrose, you will definitely find some cool vintage pieces or either some cute tops or at least the hottest and newest stuff haha. Stay tuned for some more holiday posts coming soon on my blog and happy almost weekend to Germany from Laguna Beach. xo, Paula

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