Exploring Munich goes for a second round – this time Stefan and me went downtown to spend our money on good deals. We have been looking for another lens for our Canon Eos 760d. We already have two lenses, one for  Portraits and Fashion Shoots, a Canon 50mm lens. And one for  landscape and for travel. We have used this lens, a Canon 18-135mm lens on our trip to Bali or Dubai for most of our pictures.  It has a zoom and is easy to handle, especially when traveling around the world.

So we wanted to have a lens which is more for “exploring” like going for walk and taking pictures easily without having all photograph equipment with us and carrying the camera with an even bigger lens as well. A Canon 24mm lens is our newest member. It has a prime lens such as the 50mm lens and it has no zoom. But it has an even wider range to take a photo, because you don’t have to be too far away to take a shot of the whole person for example. For us this is the best lens to go for on a city trip. You can work with a blurry background, which is definitely nice in some pictures (I love to have blurry backgrounds) and you have good picture quality as well. And of course so many other options, Stefan and me are playing a little with this new kid. Or maybe just Stefan, he is the better Pro when it comes to take pictures. 😉

This time in Munich we went to our river the “Isar” and went to one of our several bridges  – the “Ludwigsbrücke“. As it is near to our favorite photograph and camera shop we have tested the new lens at this place right away. The “Ludwigsbrücke” is also near to the “Deutsches Museum” and to the famous and historical “Volksbad” an old indoor Swimming Pool, which is really nice and has an awesome architecture.




Dress by  Edited – Tote similar here – Shoes by Asos











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