Wohoooo, I’ve done it today – totally spontaneous. I gave my hair dresser a call and asked him for an appointment and lucky me he had one! You girls probably know that feeling.. When you wake up and feel like getting a new hair cut and you really have to get it NOW – otherwise you will just skip it. So yeah, today was one of those days and I was so happy getting off work heading to my hair dresser right after and getting a new fresh cut. So I decided to go for a Long Bob, I used to have this kind of hairstyle some time ago and I’ve been happy ever since. It’s a lot easier to style as well. And for summer time just perfect! And how cute is that bag?! I love it!  Now I’m about to watch the germans win the semifinal in the european championship  – fingers crossed. 😉

Xo, Paula



Dress by Zara and similar here – Bag by South Beach – Shoes by – Asos



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