Red lips and Rosé wine are some of my favorite things.. And could it get any better by having these two combined in Italy?! I guess not. Guidecca is an area in Venice. You have to take the Vaporetto to get there. It’s about a 5 minute ride. It’s a small little “Island” right next to Venice. You can see Venice and the San Marco Dome from the other side easily.

So there’s this famous rooftop bar in Guidecca – located in the Hilton Hotel. Stefan is always checking out some rooftop spots in at least every city we go. Guess he likes that thing as being high up on the top and having a great overview. Well alright, Venice’s Skyline is not New York of course, but it’s nice to see the Canals and all those old buildings from above.

We also went for dinner in Guidecca, we’ve visited such a nice Osteria, it’s called, “Osteria ae Botti“. It’s next to the canale and it’s really romantic having dinner over there – as it is more quiet than in Venice. The pasta was so delicious and the Rosé was so yummy! For dessert we had some Profiteroles and some Tiramisu – gosh the Italians know how to make women happy, haha.

I’m wearing my favorite dress again. Guess you have seen it a lot on my Instagram and here on my blog – but I can’t help it, i just love it. You can get it here. My Lipstick is Mac and is called “Relentlessly Red“. A nice cool toned pinkish red. Perfect for summer, especially when you have some tan.

Have a great one guys, Xo, Paula.







IMG_8693  IMG_8723









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