This Thursday me and Stefan went to a cool spot for some yummy breakfast: The LAX Eatery in Munich and this brunch spot is definitely inspired by Los Angeles – so the perfect café for me to have my breakfast. They have fluffy pancakes, yummy brióche toasts, iced latte or even normal coffee variations, like cappuccino or latte macchiato. They also have food like salads or healthier breakfast such as an acai bowl or some oats with fruits as well. 

So we really liked this small little café and we will definitely come back for more yummy food! It’s a little chilly here in Munich, unfortunately. Having temperatures like in fall time I tell ya! So I’m kinda all wrapped up (or maybe a little). So no Flip Flops combined with a dress or shorts for me.

I have worn my “LA Sneakers” from adidas, I just love the color and they are so comfy – it’s like you’re walking on some fluffy clouds! I’m also wearing my newest arm candy by BenSchlomo. They have cute little anchor bracelets and for me they match every occasion. And if you guys like one as well you can enjoy a 15% discount by using the code “BENSPAULA15”.

Well alright I gotta say “Thank God it’s Friday”! So enjoy your weekend peeps! Xo, Paula






Bag by MCM – Shoes by adidas – Jacket by Young Bohemians – Ripped Jeans by Zara – Shirt similar here – Anchor Bracelet by BenSchlomo







* in collaboration with benschlomo

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