Happy Sunday Peeps, I know I’m not into foodblogging but I am into a healthy Lifestyle and eating healthy is definitely a part of my life. Some of you have asked me what I usually eat for breakfast to start vitalized into the day. This is why  I want to show you guys a yummy recipe for a perfect Sunday breakfast.All you need to create a yummy chia pudding are 1 cup of almond milk, chia seed, some berries, some crunch, yoghurt and to have a little sweetener I added mango jam. And yeah normally chia pudding isn’t that green, right. 😉 It’s because I’ve added my new shake powder “Vitalize” from “Jinn Shakes” – just one tea spoon is enough and you have a lot of yummy ingredients in it. It’s mixed with Macha, Cocoa, Protein and Acai Berries. You definitely taste Macha and Cocoa and it’s surprisingly delicicous and it helps you to stay vitalized throughout your day!

You gotta stir almond milk, chia seeds and the powder altogether well and let it stay in your refridgerator. Just keep stiring well within the first 10 minutes, so the chia seed doesn’t stay all on the ground of your bowl or cup.

It has to be cooled normally for 2 hours but you can easily leave it in the fridge overnight as well.  (I usually prepare this breakfast the day before.) To finish your breakfast bowl, just add the crunch, yoghurt, mango jam and some berries on top. And it’s ready to serve! This breakfast is also kinda instagrammable, so make sure to make a picture before you’re about to eat it! 😉 Just kidding, but some of you might know the struggle!;-)

Oh yes and I have enjoyed my chia Pudding with a hot chia latte! So good! Happy Sunday!




*this post ins sponsored by Jinn Shakes


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