It’s Monday and it’s time for some bikini vibes again. I’m actually off work and while I’m writing this blogpost for you guys, I am currently seating on my balcony and I am wearing a bikini. Probably it’ll be one of those last days this year to have the possibility to wear a swimsuit. I really have no idea what I’ll be doing in wintertime again, haha. Probably I’ll be planning Stefan and mine next beachy destinations in 2017 all winter. 

So this brand I’m presenting you today might be all common to you I guess. It’s the famous Triangl Swimwear and I was more than happy when they’ve emailed me some time ago. I really love their new collection and the fact that you can either choose a regular bottom or a cheeky bottom. I chose the cheeky one, cause I like to have a little less coverage with bottoms. And it’s my first swimmie in yellow by the way. I’ve always gone for easy colors like black, blue, pink or stripes. So yellow became my new favorite color when it comes to swimsuits. Guess I’ll be keeping that in mind for the next season – to add more pop of color and if it’s yellow or even orange, I’ll go for it!

Alright, what can I say, Triangl is famous for it’s neoprene material and I have never had a neoprene bikini before, so I was really excited to have this one in my collection. I love the material and it’s quality. It’s so comfy in water and by the water and I think it dries a little faster than other Bikinis I own. My type is called “Devon” and it’s a perfect top for a larger bust like I have. It’s easy to handle when it comes to “laundry”, cause you’re not allowed to laundry it actually. Just rinse under cold water and let it dry flat layed. Pretty easy thing.

Here I’ll link you my style called “Devon”. I took size S+ for the Top and I went for a Small with the cheeky bottom. Get your christmas wishlist together and go for a Triangl swim! Have a great week, loves, Xo, Paula











*this post is sponsored by Triangl 


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