Uhmmm, what’s inside of this shopping bag of happiness? At least I can say, it’s really like a dream come true…

Okay ladies, take a seat and breath in, I did it! I have bought my first ever designer bag, the one and only Saint Laurent. Well, what can I say, where do I start? I can tell you that it not even hurt that much as I thought – it was more like “eyes shut and go for it” and let that credit card do it’s god damn job, haha.

So I’ve turned 25 last week and it’s been always my secret dream to spoil myself with that kind of present one day. And turning 25 and have done my first quarter of a century already in my life – I thought that it’s been time, time to do this and let my dream come true finally. When should I’ll be doing that again – when I’m 30? Well I guess not, I’m pretty sure that I’m having another priorities when I’m turning 30 and this will definitely be not one like buying a designer bag. So my 25th birthday had to be the day! For me it has always been important to get a classic one, a bag that fits to every outfit and occasion and a bag which I can also wear with a pride even when I’m 60. And Saint Laurent’s Sac de Jour is just the perfect bag for a girl, a woman and for a lady. I also like the option to wear this one as a cross-body bag also – hands free yay!

And here it is: my Saint Laurent in black and size “baby”. I’ve decided to take the silver hardware, ’cause as much as I love to wear gold in summer, I’m still more a silver girl and the golden one was just not the right one that day. I’ve tried them both, silver and gold and I’ve gone for the silver one of course. It was love at first sight. (and still is of course ;-))

Some of my friends were asking why I did not get a LV, Prada, Gucci or a Chanel bag, well it’s pretty easy though – Saint Laurent is my favorite designer, Anthony Vacarello designs clothes for YSL I would definitely and actually wear in public as well! I love the sneakers and wedges, I love the accessories and I do love all bags by Saint Laurent. So you guys can be pretty sure that this bag won’t be the only piece by YSL in my closet. 😉

Alright Ladies, I’m curious about your designer bag dreams now – let me know which are your faves and if you have let that dream come true already.

XX, Paula





18 Replies to “MEET YVES”

  1. Ich kannte die Tasche noch gar nicht, weil sie nicht so ein it-Piece ist, aber genau wie bei meiner LV Alma denke ich, dass das die perfekte Wahl ist. Von einer klassischen Taschs hat man viel länger etwas ☺ nochmal herzlichen Glückwunsch zu diesem Kauf und deinem 25.! 🎉 Momentan weiß ich gar nicht welches meine absolute Traumtasche ist, aber irgendwann möchte ich eine Chanel Classic Double Flap bag mit CC lock 😍
    Alles Liebe
    Alexandra von


  2. Woow!! It’s so beautiful! Congratulations on your 25th birthday 🙂 I soo agree that it’s the perfect time to buy yourself this present!

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